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We look forward to welcoming you to the Sculpt 'n' Lift clinic, Kent.

Sculpt 'n' Lift is a professional friendly clinic which brings you a luxury service by tailoring all treatments to your individual needs and requirements.We really believe in natural looking results and building the confidence of women and men everyday. We provide a wide range of services and specialise in advanced aesthetics and microblading method brows. All our treatments come with comprehensive assessment and follow-up, from our clinic in Kent.





" So happy with my treatment by Rae at Sculpt n Lift! She was professional and very thorough with aftercare, explaining everything i needed to know throughout the treatment. I will definitely use Sculpt n Lift again for further treatments.

High Recommended!"

Chloe Mckenzie


Microblading in Kent 

Dermal fillers and botox by Sculpt n Lift, Kent




Sculpt n Lift clinic, Kent specialise in microblading brows and non-surgical aesthetic treatments, carried out by experienced practitioners. We offer a friendly professional service where clients and their needs are put first. We book ample time for appointments giving the clients opportunity to ask any questions and feel confident without feeling rushed. We understand every client is an individual, and recognise all our clients have different reasons and objectives, which is why we allow time to make sure the client is 100% happy with the treatment plan offered and satisfied with the results.We feel proud and privileged that we can help our clients to look their very best and enhance their natural beauty, make them feel relaxed and comfortable whilst receiving a 5* treatment experience. Sculpt n Lift always receives feedback on how gentle and outstanding their treatment experience was, this is something we aim to achieve with every client. 

We at Sculpt n Lift clinic, Kent like to work in a calm atmosphere. During treatments we play calming, uplifting background music and use a blend of essential oils that are specifically for relaxation..... breathe in deep, let your stress and worries melt away whilst you have your treatments. We believe treatments are an act of self care and allows you to take time out for yourself. Our passion is achieving the goals both women and men want, which can help with confidence boosting, making you feel more youthful or adding to what you already have. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sculpt n Lift Clinic, Kent !



Microblading in Kent 

Dermal Fillers and Botox by Sculpt n Lift in Kent 


Microblading which can be also be known as semi-permanent makeup is a natural treatment that creates the illusion of of fuller brows. It will leave your brows looking as good as they did with makeup on! It can create any look you want whether this is a light natural finish to a thick bushier brow. The treatment is bespoke to every client as it's about creating the best shape brows that are suited to your face. The ease of getting ready starts with microblading your brows!


- Microblade brows 

- Dermal fillers

- Profhilo 

- Anti-wrinkle injections 

- Fat dissolving 

- Vitamin injections 

- Derma roller 

Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, specialise in aesthetic treatments as well as microblading brows, semi-permanent makeup. Aesthetic treatments include; dermal fillers, profhilo and anti-wrinkle injections. Both practitioners have had a wide range of accredited training across the UK. We understand that aesthetic treatments can be daunting and its key to have a practitioner with knowledge and experience, as well as feeling you can trust the advice you're being given. We ensure we give you enough information for you to feel confident, not only with your treatment plan but the full aftercare too. Before all treatments you will talked through the whole process of the aftercare, and will be informed that you can message us at any time if you have any further questions that we can assist you on after you leave the clinic. 


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Microblading in Kent. Dermal Fillers and Botox by Sculpt n Lift in Kent 

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