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Aqualyx fat dissolving injections at our Kent clinic

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are targeted for stubborn areas to break down fat. It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and its main use is to tackle any excess fat women or men may have. This is to be used along side with a healthy diet. These injections can be used for small and large areas. Small areas include under chin, armpit folds. Large areas include thighs, lower stomach, upper stomach, arms and love handles. Read more here.

What is Aqualyx fat dissolving injections?

Aqualyx is a well- known and established fat dissolving treatment that targets fat removal from areas on the body. Aqualyx fat dissolving injections work by replicating what your own body naturally does when breaking down fat cells. The same chemicals your body uses to break down fat is what is used in fat dissolving injections, just a more concentrated version. It is mainly targeted towards clients who have excess stubborn fat, despite exercising and having a healthy diet. A lot of women and men find they will have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t want to budge. Fat dissolving injections are a non-surgical liposuction, it’s a much quicker, less painful and less costly approach to removing stubborn pockets of fat. Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, offer fat dissolving injections with extensive training we inject a compound solution into the problem area. Many women and men specifically find that areas such as the stomach, love handles, chin and thighs are the hardest area to lose fat. The best part about fat dissolving injections is that they are non-invasive and non-surgical and don’t come with huge surgical costs and a list of side effects and risks. For some, the goal of fat dissolving injections is to help tighten and tone parts of their body which have begun to sag with age. For others, the end goal of fat dissolving injections is to come away from their treatments feeling slimmer and more body confident.

Where can I get fat dissolving injections?

Fat dissolving injections can be injected in most parts of the body, here at Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, we inject Aqualyx fat dissolving into small and large areas. Small areas include: armpit folds and under chin (double chin). Large areas include: upper stomach, lower stomach, thighs, love handles and arms.

When will I start to see results?

Results will show quickly from around 2-3 weeks after your treatment, they are not immediate results like aesthetic treatments. Every client will vary on how many treatments they need, this will depend on area being treated and the client’s age. Usually, small areas such as under the chin will need around 3 treatment sessions, whereas larger areas may need up to six sessions to see a significant effect. Older clients usually see results over a shorter period of time, younger patients are more like to see results after a longer period of time.

Are you eligible for fat dissolving injections?

For Aqualyx fat dissolving treatments a consultation before is required. This enables us to have a full understanding of your desired outcome and end goal. This treatment is not targeted or suitable for clinically obese clients, this treatment is for those who have a healthy diet and regularly exercise and are struggling with targeted stubborn areas. All clients must be aged 18 and over, and not for those aged over 60.

What is Aqualyx aftercare routine?

After your Aqualyx treatment you may experience some mild swelling in the area treated. Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, advise that you don’t exercise for up to a week after to allow swelling to do down. We also advise to avoid direct heat such as UV, sunbed and saunas, which can aggravate the area treated and possibly increase the swelling.

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