Microblading in Kent. Dermal Fillers and Botox by Sculpt n Lift in Kent 

Semi-permanent makeup

Microblade Brows (Inc. 6 week top-up)


Colour Boost 6-8 months


Dermal fillers

Lip filler 0.5ml


Lip filler 1ml


Nasal fold lines 0.5ml


Nasal fold lines 1ml


Marionette lines 0.5ml


Marionette lines 1ml


Chin profiling per 1ml


Cheek contouring per 1ml


Jawline contouring per 1ml


3ml filler package 


4ml filler package 


5ml filler package 


Tear trough filler (starting at)


Anti-wrinkle injections

One area (Inc. 2 week top-up)


Two areas (Inc. 2 week top-up)


Three areas (Inc. 2 week top-up)



One treatment 


Two treatments


Fat dissolving

Small area  


Under chin, armpit folds, side of knee, pubic mound

Large area


Love handles, upper belly, lower belly, chest, arms, thighs 

Vitamin injections

Vitamin B12


Vitamin C


Derma roller

Derma roller per session 


The prickly time machine that helps to erase acne marks, scars and pigmentation