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Derma roller treatment at our Kent clinic

The derma roller has micro surgical steel needles, when rolled across the face they reach down into the inner surface of the skin, which promotes skin repair from the inside out. This it vital for the production of collaging. Collagen is what keeps the skim firm and youthful. By adding trauma to the skin helps aid to repair acne scaring, dehydrated and hyperpigmentation. Read more here.

What is a derma roller?

Here at Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, we offer derma roller treatment – but what is it? Derma roller is a device for regeneration in the skin, this treatment is also known as microneedling. It is used to penetrate into the layers of the skin to naturally stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It creates the production from thousands of micro punctures into the depths of your skin. A derma roller is a hand-held tool with micro needles on the end which come in different sizes, the bigger the needle the deeper down into the skin it penetrates. The needle size that will be best suited for you will be dependent on your age, the reason for derma roller and your end goal of the treatment. Before any treatment a consultation will be required so we can accurately assign the right treatment plan for you. At Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, we take great pride in our client’s experience ensuring they feel confident not only with their results but also the treatment plan recommended to them. We like to ensure we have a full understanding of what you want to achieve from your treatment, to tailor a plan specifically for your requirements. Results that can be achieved from derma rolling are very broad, most results are to smooth out the skin, help tackle lines and wrinkles, dimpled scars from acne, blemishes in the skin and hyperpigmentation. All of the above can significantly be reduced from a derma roller treatment package. Overall, your skin will look younger, healthier and firmer.

What are the benefits of derma roller treatment?

· Reduces wrinkles and lines in the skin.

· Repairs damaged skin such as dimples from acne or acne scarring.

· Stimulates hair growth.

· Reduces cellulite and stretch marks.

· Encourages blood circulation in and around area treated which enhances healthier skin.

· Reduces large pores and improves elasticity.

· Stimulate natural production of elastin and collagen.

· Dewy glowing skin.

The treatment

The primary appeal of derma rolling is the ability to give a more youthful appearance with the effects of improving skin texture and tackling skin concerns. It is such an amazing treatment that gives so many women and men a boost of confidence with new and improved skin. Some would even go as far to say this procedure is one of the best and most powerful ways to prevent signs of ageing, new lines and wrinkles. Derma rolling (micro needling) works best with repeated treatments. For example, for a client who’s end goal is to remove scars from acne would need more than one treatment to work. Derma roller works by adding trauma to the skin, when trauma is applied to the skin this sends out signals to heal, and by this new elastin and collagen is produced. Therefore, adding new trauma essentially repairs the skin. Treatment plans vary from person to person so it is hard to say exactly how many treatments you will need without a consultation. Some clients may only need three treatments, other clients may need six. This will depend on your age, your skin type and what your requirements are. We sometimes get clients who simply want a freshen up, so will only need a single treatment to give them that extra glow.


Post treatment you may experience some slight redness to the skin and possibly some seepage of blood. However, this treatment is not invasive and is not painful, the area clients sometimes find more tender is the forehead area as this doesn’t have a lot of fat and is closer to the bone. If required we can apply aesthetic numbing cream to the area. The redness of the skin post treatment will fade shortly after the treatment. At Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, we advise that you don’t wear makeup for the next 24 hours to allow your skin to fully repair and rejuvenate. We also advise that you don’t exercise for up to 48 hours after your treatment. There is minimal downtime, you will wake up the next day feeling fresher than ever before.

Where can I be treated and what is the price of each area?

Here at Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent, we treat the following areas with derma roller: Face, neck, back, stomach and buttocks. If there are any areas that are not listed in the above but you have concerns with, such as stretch marks, hyperpigmentation or acne scarring please get in contact, and we can discuss if treatments in a specific area are possible. All treatments are £40. This would mean £40 per treatment and area, so for example if you wanted your face and neck this would be £80.

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