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Anti-wrinkle/botulinum toxin injections at our Kent clinic

Anti-wrinkle injections also known as botox are a delicate approach to smoothing lines and lifting the eye, brow and forehead area. If you feel that wrinkles are making you look older than you are, anti-wrinkle/botox injections are the treatment for you. An overall brighter and more youthful look are the results you will achieve. Read more here.

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections also known as botulinum toxin injections are the perfect treatment for smoothing out fine lines, deep lines and wrinkles in the skin. This treatment is available at Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent. Anti-wrinkle injections are used for the upper part of the face, treating crow’s feet, smiling lines around the eyes, frown lines and expression lines in the forehead.

Anti-wrinkle injections have been an increasingly popular treatment. Injectables for anti-wrinkle are a good preventive for aging and this has made it a very popular treatment amongst the younger population too. Anti-wrinkle injections are injected into the muscles to “freeze” the movement in the area treated. Some clients want a total face “freeze” whereas some clients want a partial face “freeze” but still want some movement so they haven’t had obvious ‘work’ done. We will inject the amount you need to obtain your desired goals. Using knowledge and attention to detail we will create the perfect look for you. After your treatment we book you in for a 2-week check-up where we offer a free top-up if needed to ensure you get the best service and experience from Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent.

How does it work?

The substance works like a barrier to lines and wrinkles by freezing the muscle in the forehead or around the eye area. The end result from the anti-wrinkle injections is the movement in the upper face becomes less, when making expressions such as frowning, smiling or laughing. It gives an overall youthful appearance, or it is used by younger clients to prevent signs of aging by stopping lines and wrinkles from developing. This treatment takes typically around 2 weeks to fully settle and begin to work, results are not immediate.

What are the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections?

All clients will benefit from anti-wrinkle injections in different ways, depending on what their reason is for having the treatment. A huge benefit it gives our clients is how they always feel they have never looked so good, bright and fresh. Feeling you look better gives you a boost of confidence, making every day effortless. Anti-wrinkle injections are an affordable treatment that doesn’t require going under anaesthetic for surgery. It has minimal downtime, a quick procedure and mild pain. Results take up to two weeks to show with no healing time. The more times you have this treatment the longer it lasts meaning you don’t have to come back for as many regular treatments.

How long will it last?

Anti-wrinkle injections should last between 3-6 months. After your treatment you will begin to gradually notice movement develop in the area treated, indicating you need another top up. Some lines and wrinkles may begin to appear again if you leave your top up too long, however your lines and wrinkles may not be as noticeable as they were before, due to the muscle shrinkage caused by inactivity. The lasting period will also vary from person to person this can be due to lifestyle, age and skin types.

Do the anti-wrinkle injections hurt?

This is not a painful procedure, but some clients may experience slight discomfort. Anaesthetic numbing cream is applied before treatments to ensure clients have the most comfortable experience they can. If clients do not feel they want or need the anaesthetic numbing cream, then will do the treatment without. With experience and a knowledge of techniques, Sculpt n Lift clinic Kent have a deep understanding of how to inject effectively, comfortably and gently.

How much will I be able to move my face?

At Sculpt n Lift Kent, your experience, happiness and comfortability are very important to us. Before any treatment we have consultations with our clients to ensure we have a good understanding of the exact results they want to achieve. We pride ourselves on a high-quality service with our clients leaving happy and super confident in us and their results. From the consultation we will inject the amount we feel is right to achieve the best results for you. The amount of movement in your face will depend on how much movement you want. Some clients want a small amount of anti-wrinkle to fill some fine lines and wrinkles whereas other clients come to us for a total face “freeze”.

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